precision copper coil slitting line

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precision copper coil slitting line
1, Line speed reach 200m/min
2, High accuracy
3, Machine stable running condition and durable
4, Advanced control system
5, Use many casting and forged steel to increase body strength

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precision copper coil slitting line 

Line composition: Coil saddle---paper winder---coil loading car---hydro decoiler---pinch roller, leveler and shear---loop bridge---guider and pinch roller(PVC coate)---double slitter---scrape winder---loop bridge---pad/belt tensioner with end shear---recoiler---coil eixt car---hydro system---electric system

Machine parameters

1, Coil width: 300-800mm                                           2, Coil thickness: 0.3-3.0mm (also can be 2-10mm)

3, Coil weight: 10 T                                                        4, Line speed: 0-200m/min

5, Tower layer accuracy: +-0.5mm                                6, slitting accuracy: +-0.02mm

7, Materail: copper

copper slitting line


About us

Quanqi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a newly established high-end brand in China, specializing in R & D, production and manufacturing of metal Slitting line, cut to length machine, flying shear, angle shear line,  manufacturer and exporter. In combination with its own team advantages and advanced production management system, the company has formulated long-term R & D objectives, tasks and export instructions, requiring all products and spare parts produced to be higher than the national standards, higher than Taiwan's mechanical properties, and in line with the process and appearance of the top European and American manufacturers. The R & D team inherits the original Taiwan Tengqi process, and updates the design process in combination with customer feedback to achieve the goal of exceeding The advanced level of machinery and equipment in Taiwan. As a pure technology-based production and manufacturing enterprise, we regard products as art, and we will carve out the most perfect art for each customer, so that the products have the most stable and long-term use and life

The company has a scale of 15000 square meters. It is a large-scale processing and manufacturing enterprise base in the industry. There are 5 core designers, 5 senior sales engineers, 1 production inspector, 4 quality inspectors, 4 senior installation and commissioning engineers, 78 production employees, a total of 65. The company requires all load-bearing archways to be tempered and reprocessed, using the machining center for precision machining, all gear hobbing, gear grinding and re nitriding, so that the gear contact position can reach the optimal contact and have the longest life Other components such as life and mechanical properties are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry

Soon after the establishment of the company, it caused great repercussions in the industry and quickly accumulated a good reputation, because we strictly abide by the contract with customers, and our consistent purpose is to make customers clearly understand the products they want to purchase and get the products specified in the contract, without any deviation in understanding. Our team is ready for 24-hour service, which is basically committed to be achieved within 12 hours in Guangdong Province and 24 hours in other provinces. Foreign customers depend on the situation. Our service is to solve customer problems and customer needs in the fastest and most efficient way in the form of express delivery. We believe that customer satisfaction is our greatest pride.

Our tenet is: to recruit talents, Oriental Sunrise, Quan Quan's heart, the most beautiful in Qi
We have a special "no" culture, the specific understanding is: do not cut corners, do not compete with inferior peers in price, do not try to have technology on customers, do not accept unqualified products, do not ship imperfect products, do not hire unqualified talents, do not obey management

I believe that under the leadership of general manager Li, we will go further and sell better. Our shareholder team solemnly promises: we have made bad products for our customers, and we have taken the signboard to go home and plant the land. As a cutting-edge manufacturer in the industry, we know the importance of every production detail and the accuracy of every assembly process. We dare not neglect, check every level and relax. We can create a better future for Quanqi only by stepping forward, down-to-earth and giving the best products to you.

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